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A dance school is an institution where students are taught how to dance. In dance schools, people are helped to keep up with the latest trends in dancing. Although most people learn to dance by watching and being coached, dance schools offer classes that people can practice for recreational purposes.

The age of students taking dance classes ranges from preschool to adults. Dance schools can be open to all comers, from beginners to schools that admit students through an audition process.

Sometimes, a passion for dance can take a dance student from the recreational level to the professional level. Depending on the type of dance school, such a student might be encouraged to go to more professional dance schools or to go for auditions for musical performances, shows, video shoots, and more in search of exposure.

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Dance schools can give students the opportunity to participate in dance recitals or competitions to demonstrate proficiency. There are also schools and workshops for teachers of different dance genres and degrees of certification.

There are different types of dance styles taught in dance schools like ballet, jazz, street jam, funk, hip-hop, African dance, Balinese dance, Latin salsa, tango, ballroom, flamenco, Middle Eastern dance, swing/jitterbug, clogging, Brazilian capoeira, Irish step, and striptease aerobics.

There are classes in dance schools that focus on creative choreography. In these classes, students are taught the elements of dance (time, space, and effort in gesture and locomotion) and ways of putting them together to make an artistic dance that can be appreciated in dance performances.

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